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Getting around Milan

Public transport

Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM) is a public limited-liability company owned by the City of Milan. It runs public transport in Milan and 51 towns throughout the metropolitan area, serving a population of 2.4 million people

ATM operates an extensive bus and tram system, and four underground lines (Metro). Free public transport maps are available from ATM's Info Point  at Duomo underground station

Tickets are available at any Metro station or at newspaper stands and tobacco shops

Metro entrances are marked with a red square sign with a white "M".  Lines M1 (Red), M2 (Green) and M3 (Yellow) run from 06:00am to 12:30am; the M5 line (Purple) from 06:00am to midnight

Tickets are valid for up to 90 minutes of travel on buses and trams and allow one ride per ticket in the metro network.

Fare (within the urban area):  €1.50

You can transfer to the underground after using surface transport, but you will need to time-stamp your ticket again (the same one). Once you leave the underground network you cannot re-enter it on the same ticket, even within the 90 minutes.

Students are entitled to purchase a discount student pass: Student travel cards are available at: http://www.atm.it

There is a range of ticket options: single fares, urban and suburban passes, for bus, tram, bike, car and metro travel; some even include travel on TRENORD trains as well

Other Atm services

o   Atm

o   Bike

o   Car sharing

The Underground system (Metro)

UndergroundMilan metro network consists of four lines (Red MM1, Green MM2, Yellow MM3, Purple MM5), plus another periurban underground line with few stops in the centre called Passnte Ferroviario. A ticket is valid for one metro ride and it costs €1.50. For a map of the Milan Metro network check out the Milano public transport map


RadiobusRadiobus is a night-time on-demand mini-bus with flexible routing and scheduling: it operates in shared-ride mode, its pick-up and drop-off locations varying with passenger needs. More about the Milan public transportation system at www.atm-mi.it


BusesATM operates an extensive bus system. Tickets are valid for up to 90 minutes on buses and trams. Free public transport maps are available at ATM's Info Point at Duomo metro station. You can transfer to the underground after using surface transport (or vice versa), but you will need to time-stamp your ticket again. (One ticket allows only one metro ride. Once you exit the metro network you cannot re-enter it on the same ticket, even within the 90 minutes).


BikemiBIKEMI is the City of Milan's new Bike Sharing service. It was set up as an alternative to the public transport system for short trips within the city (maximum 2 hours), complementing ATM's traditional public transit network. Tariffs are:

  • weekly (7 days) € 6,00
  • daily (24 hours) € 2,50

Payment by VISA or Mastercard only
Further details: www.bikemi.it


TramsTrams run all over the city. Tram stops, like bus stops, are marked by tall orange posts with an indication of the tram or bus route. There are also electronic displays at most stops that indicates waiting time. Students can buy a €22 monthly travel pass for the urban area

Further details: www.atm-mi.it


TramsTaxis are not as easy to hail in the street as in some other major cities. The best thing to do is go to a taxi stand, or call one. If you live near a taxi stand it’s a good idea to get its telephone number. On rainy days and during big Milano events it can be almost impossible to find a taxi, so be prepared to wait. When you call for a radio taxi the meter starts running as soon as the driver gets the call. Taxis in Milan are the most expensive way to travel around the city! call a taxi at 02 8585/ 02 4040