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Healthcare is available to all citizens and residents through a mixed public/private system.

Foreign students have various options for health insurance:

  • take out a private health insurance policy in their home country
  • take out a health policy with an Italian insurance company
  • enrol with the Italian National Health Service (SSN); this can be done using the receipt for a residence permit application

NB:  Non-EU students must have health insurance (a receipt for a health insurance premium) in order to apply for a residence permit. The residence permit will be not be valid for longer than the period covered by health insurance.

The National Health Service (SSN)

The National Health Service (SSN - Servizio Sanitario Nazionale) provides a number of health services to Italian citizens and foreign nationals free of charge at the point of use (taxpayer-funded), in public medical centres or certified private ones:

  • basic medical care (free of charge): to choose a local General Practitioner (family doctor) or paediatrician (for general medical examinations, prescriptions, or referral to a specialist) contact the Asl or phone 02 85781
  • laboratory tests in a medical centre or hospital; medical aids and devices (at reduced rates if prescribed by a General Practitioner)
  • ambulance service and emergency doctor on call
  • free hospitalization and treatment (including laboratory tests, diagnostic examinations, surgery, therapy and medication during hospitalization)
  • reduced charges for medicines covered by the SSN

Enrolment at the Italian National Health Service (SSN) to get National Health Card

The National Health Card is valid one year (January 1st to December 31st)


Eu citizen holding a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can get SSN services: there is no need to enrol. To choose a General Practitioner or paediatrician contact the ASL or phone 02 85781)



To enrol with the SSN and be issued with an SSN Card, non-EU nationals must:

  • go to any Post Office, fill in a payslip with the following details, and pay 149,77 €:
    c/c postale n.: 379222
    To: Amministrazione P.T. Regione Lombardia
    Reason (causale): iscrizione volontaria S.S.N. (voluntary SSN enrolment)
  • after paying, take the following documents to an ASL office (Local Healthcare Office) to get the personal SSN Card:
    a.  certificate of university enrolment
    b.  resience permit or its receipt*
    c.   "codice fiscale"(tax code)
    d.  photocopy of passport
    e.   receipt of SSN enrolment payment
    *  if you submit an application receipt you will be issued with a provisional health card valid for six months: a full year’s card can be issued once you have your residence permit.